The Morph for Gaming

#MorphMade Gaming

Remember all the times when you’d press harder on the game-controller buttons hoping it would make you go faster?  We do.  In fact, those moments were at the top of our mind when we were creating the Gaming Overlay.  Now, you can use pressure, gestures, and the simple layout of the device to beat your opponent and add that extra missing dynamic to your gaming.


Close up of person using the sensel morph gaming overlay to play a game
The specifications and capabilities of the sensel morph gaming overlay

Gaming Overlay

For gamers, this Overlay allows to maneuver with more speed than ever. We understand the importance of going from button to button with as little movement and time as possible, and created this Overlay with that in mind" and for the blurb next to drumming "The Drum Pad Overlay is great for finger drumming or practicing your drum lines while on the go. You can shift The Morph into high-speed mode to make sure to capture every tap.

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