The Morph for Hacking

#MorphMade Hacking

If you’re a hacker or developer, the Morph adds endless possibilities to your creations.  With multi-touch, a high dynamic range of pressure sensitivity, the ability to detect up to 16 contact points and the individual pressure and orientation of each, say goodbye to the limitations of yesteryear.  Although the Innovator’s Overlay isn’t a must for hacking, it’s great to use if you want to draw out your creations and secure them under the transparent Overlay.  If you plan on 3d printing a design yourself, the Innovator’s Overlay is a great way to test the print on paper before going into production.

The Sensel Morph for Hacking: Ray Kampmeier

Innovator’s Overlay

Here you can see the transparency of the Innovator’s Overlay.  The transparency and the magnets within the Overlay make it perfect for securing paper that you might sketch your overlay designs



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