Sensel Product

Getting Started

In order to get up and running with your device, please follow the instructions below for the particular platform you are working on. The instructions also explain how to run the Sensel Visualizer, which is a great way to check sensor functionality. If you are developing software for the device, please refer to the Sensel Github for various APIs that you can use to communicate with your Sensel product.

If you have any issues with the setup/installation, please e-mail

Software Support

The Morph is compatible with most of the popular art, music, and video editing software.  For instructions on how to use it with your favorite software, please refer to the instructions we've provided for software in each category below.

Hacking Support

The Morph changes with each Overlay but the possibilities are made truly endless with the fact that it’s hackable .  If you know how to code, you can access our SDK and API to turn The Morph into anything you can dream up.