The Sensel Story

Core Technology

Our Pressure Grid™ technology is one of the most advanced on the consumer market. Sensel’s Pressure Grid™ technology is a next generation Touch technology with more capabilities than the common Capacitive Touch Technology.  

Since it works off pressure, it’s able to detect anything with mass, rather than only stylus like with Capacitive Technology.

Our Pressure Grid™ Technology is also multi-touch, able to detect the individual pressure and orientation of every single contact point. 

If you’d like to learn a bit more about Sensel’s core technology, you can read about it on our blog post.

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The Team

Once upon a time, two entrepreneurs with extensive backgrounds in the consumer electronics industry met while they were working at Amazon.  They both noticed the lack of advancements in the Touch Technology space and made it a goal to create a new generation of Touch Technology.  A few years, brainstorms, and inspirations later — Sensel was born.
Aaron Zarraga, Co-founder and CTO of Sensel
Aaron Zarraga
Co-Founder and CTO
Ilya Rosenberg, Sensel CEO
Ilya Rosenberg
Co-Founder and CEO
Stephanie Chedíd
Product Marketing Lead
Stephanie Lim
Product Design Engineer
Reuben Martinez
Senior Lab Engineer
Chaz Watson
Electrical Engineering Lead
Tomer Moscovich
Principal User Experience Designer
Brogan Miller
Mechanical Engineering
Jim Thomas
VP Business Development
Alex Grau
Senior Software Engineer
Nadim Awad
VP of Engineering
Scott Isaacson
Materials Engineer