Sound Pack: The Metal Sound of Steinberg UR-RT4

Sound Pack: The Metal Sound of Steinberg UR-RT4

We recently upgraded our audio equipment with a new audio interface - the Steinberg UR-RT4. When you get new sound equipment, the manufacturer always claims it sounds great, amazing, accurate, or pristine. This proved to be so true of the UR-RT4 that we knew it before we even plugged it in!

We were greeted by a harmonious resonance once we set the hefty unit on the table, and immediately knew we had to play it. Rather than mounting it to a drum kit and smashing it, we sampled several sounds from the metal case, and turned it into an instrument fit for the Drum Pad and Music Production Overlays. Check out our little video to hear what this thing sounds like!

Of course, you can download this free from our store for Bitwig, Ableton, Cubase Groove Agent, and even the raw WAV files. Recorded at 24 bit 96Khz.

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Mar 29, 2019 • Posted by David Muessener

First thought, it was a joke. Then I realized it is still the last day of March… Great idea! I once made a drum loop of my fingers playing a microphone case and some tools. See the world with different ears!

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