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Sensel was born from the understanding that computers had advanced to the point where they could be carried, connected, and commodified, but interacting with them was always a compromise. Multi-touch interfaces were novel, but lacked the sensitivity and subtlety that people rely on everyday.

Ilya Rosenberg and Aaron Zarraga founded Sensel to bring true human touch into computing with the PressureGrid technology. Growing from the two of them to over twenty team-members, thousands of customers, and several large-scale enterprise clients, Sensel is working hard to rapidly redefine computer interaction to include pressure sensitivity, multi-touch, and meet the environmental challenges of ubiquitous computing.

Sensel's mission is to build the next wave of touch technologies that will empower users, disrupt industries, and revolutionize interaction with the digital world.

Meet the team

Ilya Rosenberg
Co-Founder and CEO
Aaron Zarraga
Co-Founder and CTO
Reuben Martinez
Senior Lab Engineer
Jim Thomas
VP of Business Development
Tomer Moscovich
Director of User Experience
Alex Grau
Senior Software Engineer
Scott Isaacson
Senior Materials Scientist
Peter Nyboer
Marketing and Product Strategy
Stephanie Oberg
Director of Program Management
Brad Bozarth
Principal Software Engineer
Mark Rosenberg
Senior Marketing Manager
Tim Miller
VP of Operations
Beth Haniger
Office Manager
Emily Chua
Supply Chain Manager
Carlos Garcia
Electronics Assembler
Darren Lochun
Principal Materials Integration Engineer
Xiaoye Zhang
Visual Designer
Jason Leong
Sales Director
Thomas Fujinaga
Chief Financial Officer
Dean Chang
Director of Product Management
Elliott Wu
Hardware Reliability Engineer
James Tran
Mechanical Engineer


Sensel is seeking to hire experienced and productive people to support a startup team developing products based on the world's most advanced touch technology. To see all the current positions we're hiring for, please visit us on Indeed.com.


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