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An expressive interface, designed for electronic music.
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The Landing

This tests using a blog as a landing page. This has a different template structure than normal blog posts. It's placed in a blog called "landing" which isn't accessible by navigation.
The top image is optional - it's the "featured image" that you normally add to a blog post. Could be handy for something.
The nice thing about this is that it uses the existing infrastructure of Shopify. It's no different than making a regular blog post, you just have to assign it to a different Blog and select an alternate template. Could still use some layout tweaks of course.
We can add images as well as videos. Everything is inline.

Breaking up Content

This section has a style tag to give it a slight tint - a very slight mod in the HTML editor to add the style.
The next sections with the text over the images is styled in the HTML editor of Shopify's blog interface. It's not as automatic as the rest of this, since it has some hand-coding, but it is at least possible.

A Title

  • list
  • items
  • here
and some text below.
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Descriptions help clarify and entertain.
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