Bitwig Control Surface Script

Bitwig Control Surface Script

Bitwig Control Surface Script


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The Bitwig Live Script for the Sensel Morph adds extensive control over Bitwig Studio and Studio 8-Track with the Morph music overlays. This reduces the need for your mouse and keyboard, and limits the amount of MIDI Mapping you might need to do in Bitwig Studio itself.

We’ve mapped and re-purposed several of the standard buttons in interesting ways to give you more control over Bitwig. As you’d expect, the pads and keys play instruments. The top buttons get some extra attention:

  • The arrow keys are used to change your track and instrument, these keys are used for controlling your Send effects on a track.
  • The transport keys for play, stop, and overdub, work without any MIDI mapping.

    Included in this pack is an example Bitwig Studio project with some great new sounds, and the overlay files to setup the Morph music overlays to work with the script. The Sensel Morph Script is already part of Bitwig 2.4, so there is no need to install the script files.

    Full documentation is in our guide. If you're looking for script source, you can get that from the git repository.

    Watch Bitwig Video Tutorials and Examples in this Playlist:

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