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Make it With Morph

Discover the many modes of the Sensel Morph

The Sensel Morph

Digital artists rely on more than just one tool to tell their story. Until now, almost all those tools are bulky, take a lot of power, and don’t capture the full range of human touch. The Morph puts all those tools into one mobile, versatile package. Easily swap between wireless keyboard, making a melody, or cutting up your video. The Morph puts creative power in your hands where you need it when you want it. 

Endorsements and Awards

"I’m constantly touring. The Morph has been a perfect companion for staying productive on the road. At home, I have a Push, but I’m getting so used to the Morph, I find myself using it more and more in the studio."

Winner "Best Concept" IxDA Interaction Awards 2016. View Video

"The sensitivity and dynamic range of the Morph is mind-blowing.  From a gentle caress to a hard press, the Morph captures it all. I've been waiting over a decade for someone to produce a three-dimensional input device as amazing as this!"

Winner "Best In Category: Distrupting" IxDA Interaction Awards 2016. View Video

"One controller does it all."

"Best in Show" SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards 2017


Portable, Powerful, and loaded with Possibility

The Morph Overlays


Don’t press play, play with pressure. Make music naturally with the Morph. Melodies, rhythm, and dynamic control. Portable and powerful: perfect on the go, on the stage, or in the studio. Every Morph comes with a free copy of Arturia Analog Lite. With 17 synthesizers and 500 presets, you'll be ready to start making the minute you start using the Morph.

Video and Audio Editors

There’s more to telling your story than pointing a camera: give your videos a professional edge with a proper tool. Plenty of keys and macros with a slick jog wheel cut your edit time down and make your videos shine. Adaptable for audio and photo edits too.


We speak bespoke: the Overlay Designer radically changes your ability to be productive and creative. Make your own hardware that meets your needs. Just draw out your controls, assign commands, print it out, and work the way you want. Download the SenselApp and start customizing.


You’ve got more ideas. Grab the Innovator Overlay and make them real with the Sensel API. Python, C, or C#. Mac, Windows, Linux, or Arduino. Get touch, pressure, location, size, rotation, and more for up to 16 contacts. Sketch an idea on paper, put it under the clear overlay, and get to work on the next big thing.


Still the king of input, the writing overlays keep you in touch. True to Morph’s spirit, you have options. Traditionalist can grab the QWERTY overlay. Want to type faster? Try out the DVORAK overlay. Francophiles, drop on the AZERTY overlay.


Grab a pen, pencil, or finger paint like you’re five. With thousands of sensors and thousands of levels of pressure on every contact, you can trace, draw and paint to discover new ways of digital painting and drawing.


Swap your work with some play using the Gaming overlay. Acts as a standard USB Game pad, without all the bulk. Game designers will love the extensions to the traditional gamepad, letting them experiment with new ways of getting to the next level.

Sensel App

Use the Sensel App to customize how your overlays work. Visualize contacts, change shortcuts, modifiers, MIDI notes, synth controls, and more with our easy to use application for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.