sonicLAB Fundamental

Hands-on explorations of the roots of timbre

Sine of the Times

sonicLab's Fundamental software instrument is inspired by the earliest days of electronic music. Before electronics merged with traditional ideas of music-making, synthesized music relied on scientific instruments that happened to make sound. Fundamental gives you a complete studio of yesteryear, with eight banks of sine waves, carefully sampled and modeled on vintage sine wave generators.

The Buchla Thunder is a wonderful match for this non-traditional sound experimentation. Check out our video on how you can get hands on with the building blocks of synthesized sound.

Ride The Wave

Check out a Fundamental performance, using a couple instances of Fundamental and some effects with the Thunder overlay.

Bend, If You Will

sonicLAB founder Dr. Sinan Bökesoy demonstrates a key feature in Fundamental 1.1: control over the fundamental frequency and the harmonic ratio. These two sliders alone provide a means to explore a preset's vast sonic space.